US reinforcements arrived at Sarin base

Significant US reinforcements arrived on Thursday in the area of Sarin, days after a partial withdrawal from the region.

The convoy, which arrived on Thursday afternoon at the former US base near the town of Sarin, included 17 military armored vehicles filled with soldiers, along with four bulldozers and two armored cranes, and 82 trucks, mostly empty and others carrying logistical materials.

According to sources, the convoy entered several days ago from the territory of Başûr Kurdistan to the territory of northern and eastern Syria, and crossed the international road M4, and stopped on Wednesday at the town of Tel Tamr after the Syrian Democratic Forces confronted attacks by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on the villages surrounding the town.

The source pointed out that the convoy completed the march after coordinating the American side with the Turks to cross through the M4 road to Sarin.

The arrival of US reinforcements to the Sarin base coincided with passing a Russian military police patrol beside the convoy, stopping for several minutes a few hundred meters away and completing its path through the international road.

No further details were available and whether the reinforcements would take another direction after reaching the base, or would withdraw later.


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