US-Russian-Israeli meeting to study Iranian threats, Syrian situation

An American senior official said on Tuesday that a tripartite meeting would be held by the United States, Russia and Israel in the end of June to discuss the situation in Syria and Iranian threats in the Middle East.

The US official stated to al-Arabiya channel that the meeting would discuss the challenges in the region, the coordination of the non-military clash between the three parties, and getting rid of the Iranian presence in the region.

The official added, "Reconstruction of Syria is not on the table because the US President Donald Trump is not willing to spend taxpayers money while Bashar al-Assad is still in power."

The official added that the US administration was concerned about the situation in Idlib.

It is worth mentioning that the meeting between the United States, Russia and Israel will be at the level of the national security advisers of the three countries.

The United States announced last week that John Bolton, the national security adviser to the White House would meet with his Israeli and Russian counterparts in Jerusalem in June, but gave no details about the meeting, which would come at a time tension escalated between Washington and Tehran.

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