US senator: We to impose sanctions on Ankara, move our weapons from Incirlik base

"The United States will impose sanctions on Turkey and freeze the delivery of US F-35 warplanes if Ankara continues to acquire and deploy the Russian S-400 missile defense system," the US Democratic Senator Bob Menendez told the Greek newspaper, Cathymerini.

"The F-35 fighter jets will never be, along with the S-400 systems," he said.

"They (Turkey) will face punishment on the basis of US law, indicating that sanctions imposed on all buyers of Russian weapons, and if there is an F-35 fighter near the S-400, Russia will be able to know all the technical secrets of the jet. Even the parties that believe that Turkey is still a very important partner agree that this will never happen."

The Democratic senator pointed out that some of the strongest supporters of the F-35 deal and other US officials who believe that Turkey is still a major security partner in the region have made it clear that "this cannot happen."

Responding to a question whether the United States would consider relocating US military bases from Turkey to Greece if relations between Washington and Ankara continued to deteriorate, Menendez said that although he did not think that would happen, the United States would do everything necessary to protect security, including the transfer of its bases at the Incirlik base in Turkey.

Concerning the Energy and Security Partnership Law in the Middle East, it is a bill presented by Republican Senator Marco Rubio, Menendez said he showed that the US Congress recognizes the importance of the concerned countries (Greece, Cyprus and Israel).



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