War-affected buildings are a "threat" to residents in Kobani

Residents of Kobani in northern Syria complain about the presence of a number of war-affected buildings in the city of Kobani, saying they pose a threat to them, and called on the municipality to develop appropriate solutions.

The effects of the great war in Kobani in late 2014 and early 2015 still bear witness to the city. There are a number of buildings that have been destroyed by the war. Residents of this city complain about their presence because they are a source of "threat" to them.

Daesh launched a major attack on Kobani in mid-September 2014, the People's and Women's Protection units confronted it, resulting in the outbreak of major battles that reached the neighborhoods of the city of Kobani and lasted 134 days until the units were able to liberate Kobani on January 26, 2015.

The fighting has devastated Kobani, whose neighborhoods have been swamped with 75 percent of the destruction, but reconstruction teams promoted the city and removed the destroyed buildings a few months after the liberation of the city.

Many of the destroyed buildings remain in the city, and residents complain of their presence, describing them as posing a "threat" to them.

Recently, a number of residents lodged complaints with the People's Assembly in the city of Kobani to remove a number of buildings that the war devastated, because parts of them collapse and fall on civilians, shops and houses.

Omar Samao Juma, a shopkeeper, told Hawar news agency that parts of a building affected by the war had fallen on his shop, causing damage.

Omar filed a complaint with the municipality and demanded that the building be removed, but the municipality did not respond to his request. he said.

There are a number of these buildings on the major streets, which is a threat to passers-by where any part of them are vulnerable to fall.

Children are often seen entering these buildings without realizing how dangerous they are. The municipality stands silent about this problem.


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