Washington imposes sanctions on Hezbollah figures

The US Treasury Department included 3 Lebanese personalities and 12 entities in the US sanctions lists because of their association with the "Martyrs" institution affiliated with Hezbollah.

Facebook2TwitterWhatsAppTelegramThe list included Qasim Bezi, the official in charge of the Martyrs Foundation, Jawad Mohamed Shafiq Nur al-Din; the responsible for recruiting fighters and sending them to Syria and Yemen, as well as Youssef Assi; the founder of Atlas Holding.

The sanctions also included fuel stations owned by persons related to Hezbollah.            

The US Treasury Department's statement said the department continues to prioritize disrupting everything related to Hezbollah's financial activity, including the financial support network.

And it called for reporting on any properties or interests of the targeted by this generalization within the American territories or what is within the American control.

Last December, the US Treasury imposed sanctions on Lebanese personalities and companies involved in financing Hezbollah.

The Source: Agencies

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