We must join hands together to confront occupation

Qamishlo's people denounced the continuous Turkish attacks on the north and east of Syria, and made clear that Turkey was trying to occupy more Syrian lands, and stressed the need to close ranks, stressing that those who defend are inevitably victorious.

The Turkish occupation state continues its attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria by all means, since October 9, 2019 until now, using all internationally prohibited weapons against civilians, so no day passes without a crime being committed against the people of the occupied areas, from displacement, killing, kidnapping, and reaching to burning crops agricultural, targeting farmers while working on their lands.

The latest crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against the people of the region killed the citizen Aqid Muhammad Sheikh Hassan (aged, 24), who was kidnapped from the front of the Afrin Court of the Turkish occupation on January 16, and tortured to death, according to the human rights organization in Afrin - Syria.

The people of Qamishlo explain that the main goal of the Turkish attacks and their crimes against the people of northern and eastern Syria is to destabilize security and stability and occupy more Syrian lands.

Hanifa Muhammad, Qamishlo city's people, denounced the silence of humanitarian organizations regarding the Turkish attacks on the northern and eastern regions of Syria and targeting civilians, and said: "What is the guilt of children and the elderly? What do humanitarian organizations that claim to protect human rights and remain silent now?"

Hanifa Muhammad added: "We live on our land, and Turkey is targeting us. What does Erdogan want from us?" She indicated that the aim of the continuing Turkish attacks is to take control of all regions of northern and eastern Syria, and she said: "Erdogan cannot stop us, and we are continuing to resist until the end."

Hanifa pointed out that the mixing of the blood of the components of the region with each other on the fronts of the fighting, and their standing in a single row constitutes a sober shield in front of the ambitions of Erdogan and his aides, and she said: "All the peoples of the region are fighting and resisting in the defense of the land, and whoever defends inevitably conquers."

For his part, Hassan Hassan pointed out that Turkey, through its continuous attacks and targeting of civilians, wants to export its internal crisis outside its country, whether to Syria or Libya, and said: "Erdogan did not take the lesson from his grandparents, and he knows that he cannot undermine the freedom fighters, the sons of freedom, no one He can undermine their will. "

Hassan stressed the need for the people of the region to close ranks and deter the attacks of the Turkish occupation in the spirit of the July 19 revolution.


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