'We to confront Turkish occupation, to not allow building separation wall'

A number of youths of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement of the region of Afrin have shown that they are fully ready to stand in the face of the Turkish occupation army, which is trying to establish a separation wall between the canton of Afrin and the rest of the Syrian territory, denouncing the silence of the Syrian regime in regard of the division that occurs in Syria, which restores a scenario annexing the Iskenderun to Turkish territory to minds.

The violations of the Turkish occupation state continue against the people of Afrin amidst international silence. The last thing the occupation is working on is building a separation wall between the occupied villages in Sherawa district and al-Shahab canton in order to isolate Afrin from Syria. In this regard, our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) met with members of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement of Afrin region, who showed their readiness to stand up to the Turkish occupation, being astonished of the silence of the regime about the division and occupation of the Syrian territory.

The administrator of the Youth Movement of Afrin canton, Farida Na'san, noted that the construction of the wall "is to annex Afrin to the Turkish territory. The Turkish occupation wants through establishing the separation wall between Afrin and the Syrian territories to make it part of the Turkish territory as a new state within silence by the world countries, especially the Syrian regime, which has not shown any position so far, which we consider to be a partner of this plot led by the Turkish state against the people of Afrin."

A member of the Youth Movement of Afrin canton Siamand Jammu said they would stand up against the Turkish violations and added: "We, the Youth Movement, will not remain idle to look at the construction of the separation wall. We will resist and stand against these attacks. We will not allow the Turkish army to continue these violations, and we will not leave our homeland, Afrin, at the hands of the occupiers and we will liberate it."



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