​​​​​​​What does Turkish intelligence want from NE Syria people?

What does the Turkish intelligence want from the people of northern and eastern Syria, what has it done recently, and how does it recruit and seduce the youth of the region, these questions we will answer through the confessions of intelligence agents in files that will be published starting tomorrow.

The security institutions in northern and eastern Syria were able to arrest a number of Turkish intelligence agents (MIT) within the region, and they were assigned separate tasks aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of the region, such as entering mines, monitoring sites and burning public facilities.

Since the start of the first spark of the July 19th, 2012 Revolution, the Turkish occupation state has been seeking to strike at the gains of the people of northern and eastern Syria, which were achieved with great sacrifices. To achieve these goals, it launched various forms of attacks on the region, whether through the use of mercenary gangs such as Al Qaeda, ISIS, and al-Nusra, or through the mercenary groups that it had set up, as well as through people whom they had recruited in their favor as agents and spies.

What does Turkish intelligence aim to recruit agents into the region? What are the methods used by Turkish intelligence to recruit agents? What are the tasks assigned to these agents and who are the targets, you can find out about this through the meetings that our agency has prepared and will be published as of tomorrow.



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