What happened between Kobani people’s delegation and the Russian officers?

One of the members of the delegation visiting the Russian base near the city of Kobani revealed the content of the conversation that took place between the delegation and the Russian officers inside the base, after the demonstration against the Russian position regarding Turkey's breach of Syrian airspace and the bombing of villages.

Thousands of protesters participated in a demonstration in front of the second largest Russian base in the canton, on the 26th of last June, to condemn the Russian government's commitment to remain silent about Turkish violations inside Syrian territory.

The demonstration came after the bombing that targeted a house of civilians on the 23rd of last June, in the village of Hallinj, southeast of the city of Kobani, and resulted in the martyrdom of three women, who fled to Mulla Khalil, Zahra Barkal, Amina Wessi.

During the demonstration, a delegation of the families of the martyrs met with Russian officers inside the radio base, and handed them a file containing Turkish crimes against the Kurds and other components in northern and eastern Syria.

"The attack coincided with anniversary of the Kobani massacre."

Arif Bali, the co-chair of the Martyrs' Families Council, and a member of the delegation said: They told the Russian officers that the Turkish attack on the village of Hallinj came two days before the anniversary of one of the bloodiest massacres in Syria, Kobani massacre committed by ISIS in 2015 with support from Ankara.

Russian officers responded

Bali added, "Our file included pictures of the remnants of the shell that was fired at the village of Hallinj, written on it in the Turkish language. Our meeting lasted for nearly 60 minutes, we told them that the Turkish occupation committed war crimes in Afrin, Serekaniye and Gire Spi, and that the situation will worsen if Russia does not stop, which bears responsibility for the security of the region, in the face of these practices."

Arif Bali confirms that the Russian officers referred to the Turkish arms in the neighboring countries and their role in destruction and the pains the peoples of the region experienced particularly the oppression of Turkey. They will send the file to the highest authorities of the Russian government.

The Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region held in a statement, hours after the bombing, the State of the Russian Federation responsible for this attack and previous attacks, while calling the administration; the United States of America and the international alliance to carry out their duties and put an end to such attacks against the people and regions of northeastern Syria, according to the ceasefire agreement in the northeastern regions of Syria concluded between the United States of America and the Turkish occupation state.


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