​​​​​​​Women go on sit in front of Russian military base in Kobani

Dozens of Kobani district women  protested in front of the second largest Russian military base in the Euphrates region, to protest the Russian silence over the Turkish air strikes against 3 women in Kobani.

Dozens of women who started the sit-in since 16:00 this evening carried pictures of the three women who were martyred in a raid of the Turkish occupation drone.

The drone that targeted a civilian home last Tuesday in the village of Helenj, southeast of the of Kobani city, resulted in the martyrdom of Habun Mulla Khalil, Zahra Barkal, Amina Wessi.

The women gathered in front of the Russian base on Al-Ezza'ah hill west of Kobani, to denounce the Russian silence about Turkey's violation of the agreement concluded with Russia on maintaining security and stability in the region.

And the Autonomous Administration in the Euphrates region held in a statement, after hours of bombing, the state of the Russian Federation responsible for this attack and previous attacks. The administration called ont he United States of America and the international coalition to carry out their responsibilities and put an end to such attacks against the people of northeast regions of Syria in accordance with the ceasefire agreement   between the United States of America and the Turkish occupation state.

Yesterday, Friday, hundreds of demonstrators protested against the Russian base, while a delegation of 5 people, met with Russian military officials at the base. The delegation presented a file containing details of the crimes and massacres of the Turkish occupation against civilians, and demanded the Russian government to stop the killings by Turkey northeast of Syria.

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