Women in Kobani continue their demonstrations against Turkish threats

Women in Shiran district of Kobani Canton protested against Turkish threats and occupation of northern and eastern Syria, while women in Derik distributed leaflets to pedestrians and shopkeepers.

Dozens of women from the city of Kobani participated in the demonstration, in addition to administrators, members of the town councils of Shiran district, and members of Kongra Star coordinator in the Euphrates region.

Participants gathered on the main road of the district, raising the flags of Kongra Star, the Women's Protection Units(YPJ), the flags of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement, pictures of leader Abdullah Ocalan, and a banner reading, "the Resistance of Women Defeated Erdogan's Fascism."

In the context of the series of events launched by the Kongra Star the women distributed leaflets to pedestrians and shopkeepers in Derik district.

Participants gathered in front of Kongra Star Center. The leaflets included the awareness campaign of Kongra Star to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs and marriage of minors, which affects culture and society.

It is noteworthy that the campaign's brochures will be distributed throughout Rojava.



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