Wrath of Olive adopts a bombing; confirms the injury of mercenaries

The Wrath of Olive Operations Room adopted the bombing at Siyasiya street in downtown Afrin today.

A source from Afrin canton reported an explosion on a motorcycle in Siyasiya street in Afrin city.

The Wrath of Olive adopted the bombing and confirmed the injury of a number of mercenaries, and said in the statement:

"As part of the retaliation of our forces and our belief in retaliation against all those whose hands were stained with the blood of our defenseless people and the desecration of our pure land, we are escalating our operations throughout the Syrian north until we liberate our land from terrorist groups and the Turkish occupation army.

In addition, one of our groups on 26/6/2019 detonated a motorcycle in the center of the city of Afrin in front of the headquarters of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, where a number of mercenaries were seriously injured, we did not have the number and we will give you the details.

We assure our steadfast people, who have been forced out of their land, that "we are committed to our pledge to escalate our operations in our occupied land from the thieves and mercenaries affiliated with the Turkish occupation until they are removed from our land and to ensure a dignified return of our resistance."


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