Wrath of Olive adopts Afrin explosion, confirms 25 of occupation army, mercenaries killed

The Wrath of Olive Operations Room adopted the explosion that targeted the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries today in Afrin, confirming the killing of 25 and wounding 36 of the occupation army and his mercenaries in the bombing.


The Wrath of Olive Operations Room issued a statement to the public opinion published on its official website, in which it confirmed that their fighters detonated a bomb-laden car amidst the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in Afrin during a military parade of mercenaries.

The statement included:

"Our fighters continue to take revenge and crush the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the region of Afrin and the rest of the northern regions of Syria through a series of explosions, in order to complement the march of honor adopted by our fighters in the face of Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ dirty terrorist acts in our regions.

“The body parts of women and children that were flying under the bombing of warplanes of the Turkish terrorist state cannot be forgotten. It also comes in response to the desecration of mercenaries and settlers for our pure land, which will soon return to its original and true people.”

“Accordingly, one of our groups on 21/2/2019 detonated a bomb-laden car at a gathering of mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the center of the city of Afrin at Villat Street near Dersim Hospital, in this operation, 25 were killed, about 36 mercenaries were wounded, including 4 of the Turkish intelligence.”

“These operations are part of the legitimate operations carried out by our resisting people to liberate their occupied land from the crime machine and the Turkish occupation in all cities and towns in the north of Syria.”

We confirm in the Wrath of Olive Operations Room that we will continue our retaliatory operations against mercenaries who participated in the invasion of Afrin in any area they are in, and that our retaliations will escalate until the liberation of Afrin and the entire northern Syria from Turkish terrorism and mercenaries.


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