Wrath of Olive liquidate mercenary Amer al-Katea

The Wrath of Olive Room reported that their forces managed to kill the mercenary in al-Shamia front called Amer al-Katea on Rajo-Afrin road.


This came through a statement issued by a statement issued by the Wrath of olive operations room revealed the process of killing the mercenary in al-Shamia front Amer al-Katea, and the statement is:

"In recent times, our fighters have succeeded in directing specific strikes against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in all the occupied areas in Afrin, and those strikes take on Thursday another and more qualitative forms, especially those who committed violations against our people, and will be escalated more and more.

There is no doubt that the selection of the mercenaries involved in criminal acts is a necessary condition for our fighters' operations. These mercenaries, regardless of their rank, are in the weapons' range of our fighters, and they will pay the price sooner or later as those who have paid them.

Among the retaliatory operations of our fighters is the accounting and killing of the mercenary Amer al-Katea, a member of al-Shamia Front mercenaries on the road to Rajo district on 11/09/2018.

We are in Wrath of Olive operation room, renew our pledge to our people that our operations are continuing and will extend along the geography of the occupied areas in North Syria from Afrin to Idlib and Azaz and others.



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