Wrath of Olive Operations Room adopted Afrin operation

Wrath of Olive Operations Room indicated that they had targeted the headquarters of al-Jabha al-Shamiya mercenaries adjacent to al-Hal market which had been seized by the settlers, noting that at least 25 mercenaries and settlers had been killed .


Wrath of Olive Operation Room issued a statement in which it adopted the operation carried out today at the headquarters of al-Jabha al-Shamiya mercenaries adjacent to Souk al-Hal area in Afrin.

The statement said

"The crimes of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and their settlers against our people and our pure land in the area of Afrin drive our fighters to escalate the resistance and invent more courageous methods of revenge, and to put these mercenaries in the hell of murder and accountability for what they have committed of crimes and extermination campaigns.

In a previous statement, we warned all parties that the cost of the occupation of Afrin and participation with the occupation in the war will be high, as our fighters will not hesitate to target all those mercenaries.

On the basis of the above, our fighters congratulate our people on the success of the bombing attack on the headquarters of al-Jabha al-Shamiya mercenaries next to al-Hal market, which was seized by the settlers. The fighters detonated a car bomb loaded with high explosive materials in return for the headquarters during the passage of a military patrol of the mercenaries. At least 25 mercenaries and settlers were killed and the number is increasing.

The operation of Afrin comes in revenge and in retaliation for our martyrs ,therefore, we renew our call to the mercenaries and settlers to leave Afrin, otherwise their fate will not be better than the fate of those killed today. We also call inhabitants of Afrin to distance themselves from the occupation headquarters and the mercenaries and from the settlers' gatherings so as not to harm them.

The enemy knows only the language of killing and retaliation, and they understand that every olive tree in Afrin will be turned into a bullet and every stone will be a mine that explodes with their bodies. "

Olive Operations Room



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