The room  of operations of the Wrath of the Olive issued a written statement of public opinion revealed the operation carried out by their forces against the mercenaries of al-Sham Corps  belonging to Turkish occupation army.

The text of the statement:

"Our forces on the 2018/7/12 another operation against al-Sham Corps and the operation was the targeting of a vehicle carrying two mercenaries of al –Sham Corps noting that the mercenaries participated in the occupation of the city of peace and looted its wealth and insulted its unarmed people and as a result our units monitored the car and detonated and killed all the mercenaries within them whose names are 1 - Ahmed Yasser al-Ali 2 - Tamer Khalid al-Saed and we confirm that we are in every place where there is injustice, especially the areas where the Turkish army and its mercenaries are existing in (Jarablus , Azaz ,al-Bab ,Adlib and Afrin ) How injustice is practiced against our people, the brutal practice of  theTurkish occuaption and its gangs we promise who had a hand in the occupation of Afrin and plunder its resources as we promised the greatest is coming. "