​​​​​​​Writer: Turkey imposes Turkification policy in Arab and Kurdish regions

Political and media writer Jamil Rashid warned of Turkish operations that affect the Arab and Kurdish areas and called on the Syrian government to take action against the Turkish plans in Syria.

Rashid pointed out that Turkey is working with its mercenaries to impose the Turkification policy on the occupied territories, saying: "The Turkish state has a plan of imposing the Turkification policy in the Kurdish and Arab areas such as Azaz, Jarabulus, Al-Bab and more recently in Idlib."

The occupied territories are a human storehouse for the occupation in order to run its plans

On the subject of child recruitment, Rashid pointed out that what Turkey is working on to recruit children is a violation of all international conventions and treaties, and a war crime that requires punishment.

Rashid added: "The Turkish state considers the occupied areas as a human storehouse that it uses in its conflicts around the world. It is not surprising that Afrin's children or Arab ones from the occupied territories are fighting in the ranks of the so-called the National Army in Somalia as well."

He outlined that these practices are not strange in the Turkish strategy which is fundamentally connected with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The International organizations are concerned with putting an end to the crimes of the Turkish state

Rashid held all international organizations responsible for Turkey’s continued crimes, and demanded that the organizations say: "They must report to the concerned authorities such as the Security Council under Chapter VII of the Security Council’s charter and the United Nations, and warn Turkey to desist from these practices that amount to crimes against humanity and childhood."

Rashid also called on the Syrian National Forces to address the Turkish practices "in the kidnapping of children and women because they have become a pervasive phenomenon, and the countries sponsoring the solution in Syria, such as Russia and America are also concerned with this."

The Autonomous Administration has warned… The Syrian government must act diplomatically

On the reactions that have emerged in this regard, Rashid explained: "Until now only the Autonomous Administration of the North and East of Syria has warned about this issue, and we have not seen reactions to the catastrophic issue. The Syrian government must act diplomatically through the Security Council or its allies like Russia, Iran and the rest of countries".

Rashid demanded: "Everyone should be aware of this serious stage and find appropriate solutions that guarantee the Syrians’ rights, and restore them stolen dignity at the hands of the occupation forces and foreign countries in Syria."

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