Yemen turns down any Turkish presence in the country

The Yemeni Prime Minister, Mueen Abdul-Malik, said that the presence of Turkish military bases in his country cannot be accepted, stressing at the same time that Qatar, an ally of Ankara, spread chaos in Yemen and supported "Houthi militias loyal to Iran."

Abdel Malik said in an interview with the Egyptian newspaper "Al-Ahram" that the recently raised talks about Turkish military bases in Yemen "are not subject to discussion or research, and cannot be accepted."

Mueen Abdel Malik stressed that these calls were made from "weightless, reluctant voices", and that they came within "miserable attempts aimed at disrupting the government's clear positions, and affecting our relationship with countries supporting the legitimacy".

At the same time, he considered that Iran's position on Yemen is part of an expansion plan that targets Arab countries and identity, saying that Tehran is seeking from its presence in Yemen to destabilize the Arab Gulf region, the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab.

He added that this plan "puts the Arab coalition countries to support legitimacy on one front, to confront the Iranian aggressive and sabotage project, against Arab national states, and to protect Arab national security."

Regarding the Qatari role in Yemen, Abdul-Malik said that "it is not possible to understand what subversive roles Qatar plays in Yemen now, in isolation from a Qatari policy that has spread chaos in Yemen and used it not long ago."

He continued: "From an early age, Qatar supported the Houthi militia with money, arms, information and relations, and worked to destabilize Yemen. Since the Gulf crisis, this Qatari policy has become clear, and Qatari support to the Houthi militia has become public."

The Yemeni Prime Minister said that Doha is currently working to weaken the legitimate government in his country, thwart efforts to restore the state, create hotbeds of tensions in some of the governorates, finance them and launch jamming campaigns that are part of this sabotage policy.

He stressed that the legitimate Yemeni government will not accept the presence of armed groups outside its institutions, nor will it actively accept groups linked to non-national agendas.

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