Young women from Afrin: Occupation cannot extinguish our struggle's flame

Young women from Afrin said that the Turkish occupation would not be able to extinguish the flame of their struggle against fascism, confirming the continuation of their resistance until the liberation of all women from the yoke of occupation.


On Friday, al-Shahba resistance witnessed a great celebration on the 8th of March, the International Women's Day, under the slogan "With the Vanguard of Leyla Guven, We Will Escalate Struggle and Live Free with the Leader," with the participation of thousands of women.

During the party, a number of young women talked to our agency, Hawar new agency (ANHA), and stressed that their struggle is ongoing and that the occupation would not be able to extinguish the flame of their struggle.

Rosham Hassen said, "We congratulate all the women of the world on this day, especially the women who suffer from the oppression of the occupation in Afrin and other areas."

Rosham added, "Erdogan who prevents the women of Afrin from celebrating the International Women's Day practices all violations against women." She also pledged that as young women, they will never stop till all women are liberated from the injustice of the occupation."

For her part, Nazli Hassen congratulated all women on the 8th of March and said, "We will continue our struggle until all the women are liberated from the occupation which has no conscience and no humanity through these violations committed against the women of Afrin."

Perwin Mohammed said, "This day is very meaningful for all the women of the world. Erdogan cannot break the will of free women who resist in all the squares to gain their freedom."

While the young woman Berivan Jamil said, "As women, we support the parliamentarian Leyla Guven's resistance and congratulate them on the eighth of March. We also congratulate Afrin resistant women against the Turkish occupation on the occasion of this day."



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