Zallokh Rashid: Daesh mercenaries must be tried to reduce their impact on society

The elimination of the remaining mercenaries from sleeper cells and ideas planted by mercenaries in the world's minds requires redoubling efforts, head of the Women's Body in the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Afrin said, noting that they must be tried.

For several years, Daesh imposed obscurantism on areas it occupied, and targeted woman in the first place, the General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that they would start a new phase, namely, the elimination of the sleeper cells of Daesh mercenaries, while the Syrian people demand the prosecution of these mercenaries held by SDF. In this regard, Hawar news interviewed with the head of the Women's Body in Afrin Zallokh Rashid.

Daesh's radical thought impacted women

"In the name of the Islamic religion, many women, especially foreign women, have been involved in the ranks of Daesh mercenaries," she said. "Mercenaries tried to take Syria as a place to form extremist ideology."

Zallokh noted that what Daesh mercenaries claimed absolutely contradicts their actions. What they imposed on women was far from the true thought of Islam and morals and humanity; they practiced murder, rape and trafficking in women and committing the most heinous crimes against them.

Having been militarily eliminated, its cells must be destroyed

In this context, Zallokh pointed out that after the military elimination of Daesh mercenaries, the stage requires unity and redoubling efforts to eliminate the sleeping cells that pose a threat to the international community in general.

"What Daesh left behind is much more dangerous than its military presence on Syria, especially and the world in general, and this opens the way for the revival of thought and re-establishment under the same or different names in other unknown places."

The current phase in Syria, ME requires uniting ranks and efforts

Zallokh stressed that the stage in Syria and the Middle East in particular, after cells spread everywhere, is urging women to unite ranks and efforts, to reduce the ideas of obscurantist mercenaries, and to protect women from being dragged behind these ideas.

With mercenaries' trial, safety would prevail the world

The head of the Women's Body in Afrin Zallokh Rashid ended her speech by calling on the international community to establish an international court to try Daesh mercenaries, thus ensuring security and stability would prevail in Syria and the world.



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