Zanati: Erdogan, his party must be tried as war criminals

Jalal Zanati stressed that the countries of the Middle East in the next stage, "in particular Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Syria must head to the international community to try Erdogan and his party as war criminals."

The adviser of the National Center for Middle East Studies and social sciences professor at the Egyptian Faculty of Education, Jalal Zanati, who is participating in the international forum on Daesh, held in the district of Amouda in al-Jazeera region of northeastern Syria, pointed out that the region is now witnessing a fifth generation war, which is represented by Daesh and Turkey.

He said, "Daesh was ideologically, militarily established and organized in Iraq, at the same time, Erdogan founded the "Sadat" security intelligence company and is headed by Erdogan's adviser Adnan Turfandi, a division of the people on which Erdogan relies on suppressing his opponents and using them in the coup series. Used to put pressure on the Middle East, especially in northern Syria and Iraq."

Jalal said that Erdogan and through the "Sadat" security intelligence company "facilitated the crossing of extremists and jihadists, mercenaries and terrorist groups to enter the region, in addition to securing the necessary security facilities and equipment, and the evidence that most of the weapons seized by SDF are from NATO and Turkey.

Jalal Zanati confirmed that Erdogan used NATO for his own personal purposes, namely, the dream of succession, which links him with fundamentalist terrorist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, or Daesh. I hope that the countries of the Middle East in the next stage like Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Syria that have been harmed by this terrorism, to head to the international community  to try Erdogan and his party as war criminals."

Jalal Zanati, stressed the need to try the mercenaries of Daesh who were arrested by SDF, in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, adding, "Because international crimes are tried in the territories where the crimes were committed."

He pointed out that the trial of mercenaries should be in coordination with the international community. He added: "Because the trial is carried out in two ways, the first is the internal judiciary for the areas where the crimes were committed, and the international part through international diplomacy. At the same time, the necessary logistical support must be provided to the Autonomous Administration and areas affected by attacks and the compensation of religious and ethnic minorities such as the Yezidis. "



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