Zinarin: We use our right to legitimate defense, Alliance confirms to stop attacks

The Commander Zinarin Kobani said that Turkey through its attacks proves that it does not want to end the Syrian crisis, and that it seeks to prolong of IS' life, explaining that their response will be within the right of legitimate defense, Confirming to that they met with the International Alliance and agreed to conduct joint patrols.


Hawar news agency (ANHA) held interview with the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF Zinarin Kobani, talking about the latest Turkish state's attacks on Kobani and Girê Spî/Tel-Abyed and the meetings held between the Alliance and SDF in conjunction with these attacks.

Zinarin Kobani spoke at the beginning of her speech to their meetings with the International Alliance against IS, she said in this context "After the Turkish occupation launched attacks on the border areas in Girê Spî/Tel-Abyed, and Kobani, the Public Relations Committee of our forces met immediately with the officials of the International Alliance to inform them of the matter and discuss ways to stop these attacks, and we are still in constant contact with the International Alliance to work jointly to stop the attacks

She pointed out "The Turkish state targets civilians and children, and our fighters are directly on the border in front of the whole world. The biggest proof of this is the girl Sara who was martyred by the Turkish military sniper on the border of Tel-Abyed, it believes that it has the right to target North Syria. "We are trying to escalate tensions, but we reserve the right to respond."

The Commander has explained that the officials of the Alliance assured them at the meeting that they would conduct patrols along the border between North Syria and Turkey and would start from the area between the Euphrates River to Serê Kaniyê city through Kobani and Girê Spî/Tel-Abyed, 

Zinarin has stressed that they as Syrian Democratic Forces SDF do not want to escalate with the Turkish state and therefore their response within the rules of engagement and reciprocity and want to resolve things without a fight.

She added "The recent attacks of the Turkish state on Kobani and Girê Spî affect negatively of the International Alliance in its fight against terrorism and its support for our forces in its recent battle to bring terrorism in the east of Deir-ez-Zor

Zinarin concentrated in her speech "They assess these attacks as it has aimed at preventing SDF from completing their recent military campaign to eliminate IS in its last pocket, so they do not want to end the Syrian crisis by helping terrorists of IS .

At the end of her speech, Zanarin said SDF after the Turkish state attacks on Kobani and Girê Spî temporarily halted its campaign to protect areas directly attacked by the Turkish state.



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