Qamishlo youth: We to continue our resistance for leader until his liberation

Under the slogan "It Is Time for APO's Freedom, We Will Definitely Prevail," today, the youth of Qamishlo, went out on a march, through which they affirmed that they will foil the Turkish plans in the region, and that they will continue the resistance until the liberation of the leader Ocalan.

Afrin students condemn Turkish attacks on Ain Issa

Hundreds of male and female students from Afrin region took part in a demonstration from Bazaar Square in the center of Tel Rifaat district, condemning the Turkish attacks on Ain Issa and denouncing the policies of the Kurdistan Democratic Party against the Kurdish people and the Popular Defense Forces.

Tirbespiyê welcomes Youth March

This evening, the march of the Revolutionary Youth and the Young Women’s Union arrived in the Tirbespiyê district, and was received by townspeople.

Aleppo young women: Assaulting child is crime beyond description

The Young Women's Union in Aleppo condemned the crime of assaulting a 15-year-old girl in Jerkush area by officials and members of the Turkish state, and indicated that the crime is beyond description and that the organizations should hold the perpetrators accountable, through a statement.