Arab meeting in Egypt to discuss Syrian crisis

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced today that a high-level meeting will be held with 3 other Arab countries to discuss the Syrian crisis developments and the way to solve it.

Turkish drones hover over Ain Issa

Meanwhile, reconnaissance aircrafts of the Turkish occupation are hovering over Ain Issa and its countryside.

Adviser of Uzbek PM visits Northern and Eastern Syria

The Department of Foreign Relations in the Autonomous Administration received the advisor to the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan, Mahraluddin Khaira Dainov on Thursday where the two sides discussed files related to the situation of Northern and Eastern Syria and the region, and the repercussions of the Turkish attacks.

Decrease in Covid- 19 Pandemic infection cases in NE Syria

Measures taken by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria have contributed to the decrease of infection cases by the Covid -19 pandemic compared to previous days, where two deaths and 38 new infection cases were registered in the last 24 hours in north and east of Syria. 

33 deaths of Syrian Government Forces and  ISIS mercenaries

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SOHR, has stated that latest clashes between the Syrian Government Forces and the ISIS mercenaries in the Syrian Desert resulted in the deaths of 33 soldiers of the Syrian Government Forces and the ISIS mercenaries in the last 48 hours.  

Citizens: ENKS visits pose a threat to Kurdish unity

Citizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the cooperation of the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) with Turkey and its repeated visits, and said, "These visits will pose a threat to Kurdish unity."

Joint Russian -Turkish patrol eastern Kobani

On Thursday, Russian Military Police conducted a joint patrol with the Turkish Occupation Forces to the east of the city of Kobani, in northern Syria.