Displacement took place under the auspices of countries like Turkey and Qatar

The head of the executive office of the Future Syria Party, Al-Jazeera branch, said that the displacement that took place in Syria was sponsored by some countries such as Turkey, Qatar and Russia over the past years, and affirmed that their party seeks to keep Syria united with its people, its land and its various components.

“Syrian people pay bill for international, regional conflicts, interests”

Siham Qaryo, during a seminar organized on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the founding of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), indicated that the goal of the Autonomous Administration was to protect the people and the region, and said, "The Syrian people pay the bill for the international and regional conflicts through the war of interests within the Syrian territories."

Arab politicians call on Arab countries to confront the dangerous Turkish project

Politicians denounced the allegations of the Turkish occupation to establish safe areas in northern Syria, and to return refugees to it, and said: "Turkey does not aim to create safe areas but rather targets the unity of Syrian lands, and wants to annex parts of it," calling on Arab countries to confront the "dangerous" Turkish project.

Qadim Ibrahim about Turkish occupation: Turkish state's history proves its ambitions

Head of the Future Syria Party-Euphrates region's branch, Kadim Ibrahim said, "Several countries are settling accounts among themselves on the Syrian scene under the cover of making efforts to resolve the crisis," pointing out that the person who pays the price is the Syrian people which is considered the biggest loser.

​​​​​​​Mustafa Hanifi: Kurdish parties have failed to contain the Kurdish political crisis

Coinciding with the loud voices calling for unity of the Kurdish class, and given the crucial necessity that necessitates holding a conference that would be a base for a unity that includes all Kurdish parties, the Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party in Syria appealed to the political parties to return to the dialogue table, and decide on the issue of political dissonance among them that serves external agendas .

Al-Abed reveals results meeting with Russian commanders in Ain Iss

Today, a delegation from the council and the people of GIRÊ SPî/ Tel Abyad canton met with Russian military commander at their base in Ain Issa district, during which the delegation presented a message and demands for the displaced of the occupied canton of Russia.