Talal Mohamed: Political extermination aims to defame Kobani resistance

Talal Mohammed has explained that AKP is seeking to defame the historic resistance of Kobani, that made by YPJ and YPG fighters by launching arrest campaign in Bakur Kurdistan and Turkey, which is under name ' Kobani Campaign", and repression the people if they revolt against its schemes to occupy new areas in north and east of Syria.

Mirza: International powers must recognize Turkey sponsors terrorism 

Wael Mirza explained that the international powers' delay in recognizing the Ottoman massacres against the Armenian people and the Assyrians encouraged the Turkish occupation in committing its horrible crimes till the moment, and said:" The international powers that claim to protect human rights and peace, we must take into account that Turkey has been the first, who sponsors the terrorism in the area.

​​​​​​​Mezlum Dinç: Isolation aims to eradicate democratic nation's project

​​​​​​​Mezlum Dinç, the lawyer for the leader Abdullah Ocalan, said that the political extermination campaign pursued by the Justice and Development Party and the Nationalist Party coincided with the preventing of lawyers' meetings with Imrali detainees was not a mere coincidence, and he called on the European Committee against Torture (CPT) to act immediately about it.

Mazloum Abdi: We must culminate our gains in victory

Mazloum Abdi said, "The goal of the Turkish state is to occupy our land and seeks to impose Turkification policy, just as Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS, which are classified on the list of terrorism are attacking the region with the Turkish occupation, under the name of the" Syrian National Army. "

Turkey repeats what it did with Sanjak of Alexandretta

 The teachers of Ad-Darbasiyah explained that the goal of the occupation in the Turkification of the occupied territories is to remove the components from their culture and language in preparation for its inclusion in Turkey, on top of them the Kurds, and they said, "Turkey will return what it did with Sanjak of Alexandretta."

KRP declares its solidarity with Armenian people, calls to deter Turkey

The Kurdistan Republican Party - Syria declared its solidarity with the Armenian and Kurdish people in Armenia, and affirmed that they will stand in the face of the blatant Azerbaijani aggression directly supported by the Turkish regime, and appealed to the United Nations, the Security Council and all international organizations to quickly intervene to deter Turkey and withdraw its forces and mercenaries from Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî.

Saleh Keddo: All peoples of region must rise against Turkish aggression

Saleh Keddo indicated that the peoples of the region must mobilize to confront the Turkish aggression, and to carry out their national duties against Turkish violations and attacks, noting that there is a popular consensus against the interventions occurring in the region, in which everyone should participate in the Kurdistan Community Union (KCK) campaign.

Politicians: Peoples unity paves way for decentralized Syria

Syrian politicians praised the state of cohesion and solidarity between the Syrian peoples and components against foreign intervention and occupation, stressing that the unity of history and destiny is a common denominator among all peoples of the region.

Hikmat Habib: Some opposition forces association with policies of regional countries foiled rapprochement with them

Hikmat Habib, the Vice Presidential Body of the Syrian Democratic Council affirmed that the aim of the dialogue sessions is to reach the largest number of proposals that enrich the political and democratic experience in northern and eastern Syria, noting that the dependence of some Syrian forces, especially the coalition and their association with regional countries and the policies of those countries contributed to the failure of the dialogue or rapprochement with it.