August 2014 74th Extermination of Yezidis and Lessons Learned

Today, the 6th anniversary of the massacre of the century committed by ISIS mercenaries and their supporters against the Yezidis in Şengal province in 2014, coincides with the 74th massacre in the history of Yezidi society, the turning point and lessons learned.

On Lausanne Treaty anniversary.. Where will Erdogan's ambitions take Turkey?

The Kurds continue to demand their legitimate rights to live in their motherland Kurdistan, and to be non-partitioned despite the abortion of the dream after the Treaty of Lausanne which put the Kurds under the control of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria, so what are the dimensions of this agreement and to what is Turkey seeking now?

July 19th  Revolution is revolution for change, building - 3

During the Rojava Revolution, women took the principles that the leader Abdullah Ocalan urged in the cause of women's liberation and who praised the "women's revolution" for the victory of peoples' revolutions. So were women able to reach their goals? Were they able to highlight their role more in the international forums? What are the deficiencies and problems that hinder its revolution?

​​​​​​​July 19 Revolution …The Change and Building Revolution – 1

The pages of history abound with many examples of revolutions, but we rarely find a revolution that has achieved the goals for which it was launched, and in Syria that witnessed a revolution at the beginning of 2011 its revolution deviated to serve external agendas with months after its launch, but only the Kurds and their Arab and Syriac partners managed through the July 19 revolution to provide a model for revolution capable of achieving change and building.

Military agreement between Iran and Syria ...causes and timing implications

Iran and the Syrian government signed an agreement to strengthen military cooperation, including the development of Syrian air defense systems in light of Israel targeting Iranian military sites inside Syria, days after a new meeting of Astana guarantors, what does this agreement implications?

Kobane massacre… Story of pain

Sheyba Abroush who is a five-year-old woman narrates the story of the loss of her husband and eldest son in one of the most horrific war crimes committed by ISIS against the Kurds in the city of Kobane in northeastern Syria, a city that has experienced through decades marginalization, cultural oppression and tyranny paying the price of the Kurdish identity to witness a war that left deep wounds in the memory of its residents.

​​​​​​​Kobani ...  story of black dawn

On June 25, 2015, Kobani witnessed one of the most horrific crimes during the Syrian war by ISIS and Turkish support, as a reprisal for its first battles in Syria and Iraq, and the loss of thousands of its members inside Kobani.

Caesar’s Law .. What will AA do to relieve suffering?

The American Caesar Law has been fast approaching to be applied to Syria, which imposes sanctions on the Syrian government, while many observers wonder about the extent to which the Syrian regions, especially the regions of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria will be affected by this law.

Kurdish language and translation in Kurdish media

The Kurdish press, which started in the nineteenth century, has taken great historic steps so far. Despite endeavors in many areas, the Kurdish language did not go beyond the translation stage. There is no doubt that the main reason for this is the occupation of Kurdistan and the lack of chances to learn in the mother language.