What happens in border triangle between Rojava, Başûr and Bakur?

Information indicates that the strongholds that were built in the border triangle between Rojava, Başûr Kurdistan, and Bakur Kurdistan by the Turkish intelligence and the Kurdistan Democratic Party are to monitor the borders, and information indicates that the Turkish occupation will build an airport for reconnaissance planes on Mount Bê Xêr in Başûr Kurdistan.

Woman ... symbol of historical battle of Kobane - 2

The world-famous battle of Kobane against ISIS symbolized the will of the Kurdish woman, who played the most prominent role in liberating the city, after months of battles and massive human losses.

Kobane battle... strategic shift in war against ISIS, its allies - 1

As it expanded in Syria and Iraq, the Turkish-backed ISIS faced fierce resistance within the neighborhoods of Kobane, which was turned into a symbol of global resistance, and the beginning of the collapse of the pseudo-Islamic organization promoted by ISIS and its allies.

​​​​​​​AA ... Real model applied for Syria's exit from dark tunnel -1

At a time when the various Syrian regions were being destroyed and their people displaced and killed, there was a democratic model of administration developing in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, side by side with the battle against terrorism, that could be a model for administration in Syria as a whole.

Who targets Russian patrols in De-escalation Zone, for whom?

The series of attacks against the Russian-Turkish patrols continues in light of the military build-up of the government forces on the outskirts of the so-called "De-escalation" area in Idlib, amid experts warning of new Turkish tactics in the region, stressing that Moscow's response will be through a military operation to controls the whole M4 road.

​​​​​​​Turkey uses water weapon against Kurds and Arabs in Syria and Iraq

In the sixties of the last century, Turkey began to wage a "water war" against its neighbors in Syria and Iraq. Today it the same policy threaten more than a million people in northern and eastern Syria in conjunction with the Coronavirus spike, striking against the wall international conventions amid a shameful silence of the United Nations.

August 2014 74th Extermination of Yezidis and Lessons Learned

Today, the 6th anniversary of the massacre of the century committed by ISIS mercenaries and their supporters against the Yezidis in Şengal province in 2014, coincides with the 74th massacre in the history of Yezidi society, the turning point and lessons learned.