' This year, Newroz will become Newroz of victory '

Al-Darbasiya people said that IS has fallen geographically, but its thought is taking the last breath. Therefore, they must begin with intellectual resistance by launching awareness campaigns and training and removing these extremist ideas from the minds of the people who were liberated


IS, which did not know anything but extremist ideology, training children to kill and carrying out suicide attacks, is being defeated today by SDF.

During an interview conducted by Hawar agency with residents of al-Darbasiya district of Hasakah canton, they confirmed that the Turkish-backed forces had collapsed today by SDF.

The citizen Mashooj Haj Mansour said, "The war that took place in North and East of Syria, which instilled terror and fear among the people, is terrorism supported by Turkey, and this terrorist organization is being defeated by our forces now."

He pointed out that the greatest danger after the fall of IS mercenaries is the sleeper cells who are carrying out the implementation of a suicide bombing and explosions in different areas and this is evidence of their brutality.

Mansour stressed, that one of their priorities after the end of IS mercenaries is the liberation of Afrin from the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries

Mashooj concluded, "Our main objective is a democratic, decentralized Syria in which all components live freely."

The citizen Esmail Mohammed congratulated all components of north and East of Syria adding,  "eliminating IS mercenaries is a new life for us, therefore we have is to train the liberated people from IS and build a new thought for them and we have to complete the elimination of sleeper cells."

Mohammed stressed that these victories came in the struggle and resistance of Syria's democratic forces, which fought the largest terrorist organization on earth, and which all countries failed to fight.

The citizen Selah Ibrahim said, "This organization is aimed not at building a state or protecting the rights of the people, but its aim is to spread the devastation and destruction and to create terror and confusion among the people."

For his part, Jamil Diab expressed his joy by saying: "Our forces have fulfilled their promise to the martyrs to liberate all areas from the grips of the occupiers and contributed to ending the extremists thought in the region. This year we will commemorate Newroz and also liberate all regions and cities of North and East Syria from mercenaries, and Newroz will become the Newroz of victory. "



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