1 child killed, citizen wounded by shells on Aleppo neighborhoods

One child was killed and a citizen got wounded by the bombardment of the mercenary gangs on Aleppo city's neighborhoods, while the regime forces responded to the western and northern sides of the city, and there are reporters of leaving wounded.

In the details, private sources told our agency, Hawar news agency (ANHA), that the mercenary gangs of the Turkish occupation targeted the perimeter of al-Eman mosque in Halab al-Jadida (The New Aleppo) in Aleppo city by Dushka weapons, and that resulted in wounding a civilian.

The source confirmed that the child Hussein Asfour, at 13, was killed due to the fall of several mortars on the two neighborhoods Masaken al-Sabil and Tishreen Street in Aleppo, which were launched by mercenary gangs.

Accordingly, the regime's forces responded to the sources of the shelling as they targeted the mercenaries' points by heavy weapons on the outskirts of al-Zahraa, al-Rashidein and al-Bohoth al-Elmiyya (the Scientific Research) in the western part of the city.

In the northwestern countryside of Aleppo, the regime targeted the town of Kafr Hamra, and there were reports of injuries among civilians. A video shows the extent of the financial damage inflicted to civilian's properties in the city.

In the middle of Tuesday midnight, a rocket landed on al-Seryan al-Jadida (New Seryan) in the city, according to a source, the bombing caused material damage in the neighborhood.



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