1 ISIS member was killed,1 arrested

ISF arrested a member of ISIS's sleeper cell on Tuesday while placing explosive devices along with two other mercenaries.

The arrest came after a patrol of the forces detected suspicious movements from some people in al-Olayan area of ​​Sur in Deir ez-Zor eastern countryside. According to officials from the forces, the forces arrested one element and killed another and another fled, elements of sleeper cells while trying to plant mines.

The official also said that the forces had clashed with the three cell members before they were arrested and that a mercenary was eliminated, another was arrested and the third escaped.

The ISF units were able to dismantle the improvised explosive devices the mercenaries would have planted.

It is noteworthy that the Internal Security Forces have managed to arrest eleven members of ISIS mercenaries who are active, and seized a laboratory for explosive materials in Deir ez-Zor.



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