1 killed, Arrests in West bank, Israeli army prepares to massive operation

A Palestinian was killed on Sunday morning by Israeli gunfire overnight while the Israeli army arrested 12 more Palestinians in the West Bank, while Israeli sources said the army was preparing for a massive military operation against Gaza after the understandings of the truce failed.

The Israeli army arrested 12 Palestinians after the destruction of their property and homes and confiscated money from them for under pretext providing security activities, during a security campaign launched in different parts of the West Bank."

While the Israeli army announced that it arrested those who described them as wanted by claiming their participation in security activities against its soldiers.

Roni Ben Yishai, a military analyst at the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, revealed that the Israeli army was preparing for a major battle in Gaza and that the war plan had been updated. The new government would be formed after the elections scheduled for the coming days.

The Israeli analyst said that the actions of Hamas on the border with the Gaza Strip will lead to the explosion after the completion of the Israeli elections, and that the chief of staff gave instructions to the army to prepare for a major battle in the Gaza Strip, adding: "The schedule of the plan, will begin in the summer months,so that the army is expected to change ways to counter Hamas' actions on the border, which he described as the war of attrition. "

The military analyst said that the years of calm achieved after the last war on Gaza in 2014, ended last year, specifically since the start of the March march on March 30, and that Israel is involved in a war of attrition with Hamas, in light of the failure of all steps and the decisions taken by the Capitan to stop border activities.

According to the Israeli analyst, there are several options to deal with the Gaza marches on the Gaza Strip borders: the major war in Gaza, the Egyptian-brokered truce with Hamas and the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip under international supervision, stressing that the option of military operation in Gaza was studied by the cabins, But it did not confirm a change in the status quo, but the continuation of the current situation, and therefore decided to choose solutions to Hamas with Egyptian mediation.

He pointed out that after the failure of efforts to establish the truce, there is no longer another outlet for calm in Gaza.

The analyst concluded by saying that the military plan in Gaza aims to stop the war of attrition, and achieve great strategic goals.



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