10 Palestinians arrested, Israeli army approves plan to occupy Gaza

On Sunday morning, Israeli army arrested 10 Palestinians during a security operation carried out in various parts of the West Bank, while the Israeli security council approved a plan to occupy the Gaza Strip in any future war


Palestinian sources said that the Israeli army broke into the houses of Palestinians and destroyed them and their personal property and then arrested 10 people during a security campaign in the West Bank, while the Israeli media added that the army arrested what they described as wanted, allegedly for their participation in security activities against the army.

On the other hand, the Israeli website "Wala" reported that the Israeli army presented the security cabinet with a plan to reoccupy the Gaza Strip in any future war and that the cabinet approved the plan.

According to the website, the plan was formulated in the era of the former chief of staff of the Israeli army, Gadi Eisenkot, and approved by the current Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kochavi.

According to the website, the new chief of staff is accelerating the war on the Gaza Strip, adding that Hamas is ready to reach a truce with Israel to solve the economic problems in Gaza, but is ready for all scenarios, including war.

The website added that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas hoped to see Hamas kneeling on his feet, after a war or after internal pressure, leading to the unconditional handover of power to the Palestinian Authority in Gaza.

He pointed out that the Israeli army is preparing for the possibility of turning the political level to the edge, if the failure of understandings and implementation of the plan, which will lead to significant political and military achievements in the long term, on all the threats to the security of the population of Israel from Gaza.

It should be noted that Israel and Hamas have long-term calm talks, and so far it is unclear whether these understandings are successful and can be implemented.



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