​​​​​​​1,000 refugees from Tel Abyad in Ain Issa, local council provides them assistance

Ain Issa district council has so far documented the presence of 1,000 displaced people from Tel Abyad, which Turkey occupies in Ain Issa district and its villages. The council provides them with some services within its available capabilities, in light of the aid organizations' neglect of them.

Ain Issa district council, in northern Syria, works to document the numbers of displaced people from the city Tel Abyad and its villages occupied by Turkey, in order to review their living conditions and provide them with the necessary assistance.

While the statistics process is still ongoing, the council has documented, so far, the presence of a thousand displaced people in the district center and its villages, after conducting field tours there.

The villages of Ain Issa are spread over a wide geographical area, which impedes the process of documenting the numbers of the displaced in it, especially since most of the displaced resided with relatives and acquaintances.

In this regard, the co-chair of Ain Issa district council Abeer Hamaidi says: They were able to document more than 1,000 displaced people, 712 of them in the district and its countryside, and 358 in the town of al-Hisha.

Abeer mentioned that the census is still going on.

In this context, the co-chair appealed to all humanitarian and relief organizations working in the areas of NE, Syria to provide assistance to the displaced people living in the region, given the difficult living conditions in which they live, and pointed out that the majority of families who were displaced from their areas did not carry any luggage that would assist them in the life of the forced displacement.

The number of displaced people from Tel Abyad regions and its countryside after its occupation by Turkey and its mercenaries following its brutal attack on October 9 of last year reached 65 thousand, according to the statistics of Tel-Abyed district council.

 Most of them lived in the city of al-Raqqa and its northern countryside, while others went to Ain Issa and its countryside.

AA set up a camp for the displaced fromTal Abyad in the village of Tal al-Samen, 15 kilometers southeast of Ain Issa district, in an administrative area of ​​the city of al-Raqqa, which now contains dozens of families who were displaced from the occupied area by Turkey.



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