11 Palestinians arrested, Israeli sends final threat to Hamas

On Tuesday morning, the Israeli forces had arrested 11 Palestinians during campaign of arrests carried out in various parts of al-Difffa al-Gharbiya (the West Bank), while Israeli media outlets reported that Israel had sent threatening messages to Hamas about the possibility of a military confrontation between Gaza and Israel.


Palestinian sources said that the Israeli army stormed the houses of Palestinians on Wednesday morning, and arrested a number of them after destruction inflicted to their properties. The Israeli website "Wala" said that the army's forces arrested whoever they described the wanted under the allegation of their participation in security activities against the army.

On the other hand, the Israeli Channel 13 said on Wednesday morning that Israel informed Hamas through the Egyptian security delegation that it must stop all demonstrations and the launch of balloons from the Gaza Strip, otherwise, the border activities will lead the scene to confrontation.

It also said that Israel had informed Hamas Movement that the continued launch of the balloons would actually lead to a military confrontation in the Gaza Strip since the conditions on the border could no longer be tolerated.

In addition, the Lebanese newspaper al-Akhbar revealed that Hamas' response to these demands was that it was considering options for the military response to any Israeli air strikes in the Gaza Strip.

The 12th Channel said that the Egyptian security delegation which visited Gaza on Tuesday has met with the head of the Israeli Mossad Yossi Cohen recently in an attempt to reach a truce between Hamas and Israel in Gaza.

The Israeli Air Force launched several raids on military positions belonging to the Palestinian factions in Gaza on Tuesday night without recording casualties by the Ministry of Health, or the factions' responding to the bombardment.



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