124 women killed during 6 months in Turkey this year

According to statistics, about 124 women were killed in the first six months of this year in Turkey, and in June alone, 27 women were killed.

JIN NEWS prepared a report in which it increased violence against women in the last months of 2020, and said that most of the women who were forced to stay at home for three months because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) were killed by their relatives.

It adds that violence against women increased during the first six months of the year, and about 124 women were killed, and 86 deaths were reported as "suicides" and the culprits were not found.

And noted that the cities of Amad / Diyarbakir, Mardin and Akri and several other regions witnessed several deaths last month, under the heading of suicide, and in the first ten days of June, 10 women were killed.

The report confirms that the city that witnessed the largest number of murders of women is Istanbul.

According to the statistics of the platform "We will stop the killing of women" Turkish women's rights organization, at least 27 women were killed by men during the past month.



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