15 cholera cases in Aleppo

The Ministry of Health of the Damascus government announced the registration of 15 cases of cholera in Aleppo, after the Health Authority of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria announced the registration of several cases of the disease in Raqqa and the western countryside of Deir ez-Zor.

The Ministry of Health of the Damascus government said in a statement that "a suspected case of cholera was detected in Aleppo for a 9-year-old boy suffering from symptoms of acute diarrhea accompanied by frequent vomiting," adding that, after conducting the necessary analysis, "the result was positive."

The statement continued, "In the same period, an increase in the number of patients complaining of digestive disorders was recorded in Aleppo hospitals, and after conducting the analysis of a number of suspected cases, some positive results were obtained, so appropriate remedial and preventive measures were immediately taken."

According to the statement, the outcome of samples and analyzes that proved positive is "15 positive cases under treatment in the hospital, and one positive sample was confirmed from the sewage system and the other from an ice cube factory, which was closed immediately."



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