​​​​​​​18 civil institutions call for stopping the Turkish aggression against NE, Syria

During a petition, 18 civil institutions called on the Secretary-General of the United Nations and relevant institutions and organizations to take action against the illegal attacks of the Turkish occupation state on northern and eastern Syria, and demanded them to fulfill their humanitarian and human rights responsibilities to stop the Turkish aggression.

This came during the campaign launched by the Center for Community Diplomacy with the participation of 16 civil society organizations in northern and eastern Syria to collect signatures on a petition to be sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, in order to work to stop the aggression of the Turkish occupation state on northern and eastern Syria, as stated in its text:

On the night of November 20, the Turkish state launched an air military operation under the name "Operation Sword-Claw". Attacks using warplanes and drones targeted vital infrastructure, military sites, civilians and journalists in northern and eastern Syria. The initial attacks included the areas of Kobani (Ayn al-Arab), Derik (Al-Malikiyah), Al-Shahba (Aleppo countryside), Ain Issa, and Zarghan in Al-Hasakah. In addition to the military losses, 16 civilians - including a journalist - lost their lives on the first night of the attacks, and dozens were injured.

Moreover, Turkish airstrikes and artillery, which continue to this day, target vital civilian infrastructure. More than 45 infrastructure sites have been destroyed, especially power and fuel stations, oil and gas fields, silos, as well as hospitals and schools.

Moreover, the current Turkish aggression against northern and eastern Syria is neither legitimate nor legal, as the Turkish government uses the Istanbul bombing that took place on November 13 as a pretext to justify its attacks, for which it blames the Self-Defense Forces of Northern and Eastern Syria without providing any evidence, although one of the indications is that this attack was fabricated by elements of the Turkish state, and on the other hand, in order for the military attack to be justified as “self-defense” based on Article (51) of the United Nations Charter, official approval from the United Nations Security Council is required. However, Turkey has not yet put this issue on the agenda of the United Nations.

Turkey does not act in self-defense, on the contrary, it attacks northern and eastern Syria; Based on internal political calculations, it constantly violates the ceasefire agreements signed in October 2019 between Turkey and Russia and also between Turkey and the United States of America, but unfortunately these violations and violations remain without consequences for Ankara.

As air and artillery strikes continued, Turkish President Erdogan announced a new ground operation; It aims to invade and occupy other places in the region, and this invasion of Syrian lands; would constitute another serious crime and humanitarian disaster; Countless civilians will be killed, and more displacement will occur.

Turkey's attacks are already deteriorating the security situation in the region, providing the ground for ISIS's revival and reorganization. Thus, Turkey is undermining joint efforts to combat terrorism, which affects regional and global peace and security.

We, the undersigned, representatives of civil society in the Middle East and the world, call on the Secretary-General of the United Nations and relevant institutions and organizations to take action against Turkey's illegal and illegal aggressions against the people of northern and eastern Syria, and we call on the United Nations to fulfill its humanitarian and human rights responsibilities; To stop the planned Turkish invasion in northern and eastern Syria and protect the lives of civilians.



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