18 organizations decry the visit of Syrian Coalition to Başûr, described them as hired killers

Eighteen human rights and civil organizations denounced the visit of the so-called Nasr Hariri and his accompanying delegation to the so-called Syrian National Coalition to the Kurdistan region of Başûr (Southern Kurdistan), confirming that they are " hired killers whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands of Kurds and non-Kurds."

Activist organizations in Syria and abroad said, through an appeal to the presidency of the region, its parliament and government, and to the people of Başûr (Southern Kurdistan), that the visit of the so-called Nasr Hariri to the region "is an insult to our Kurdish people and their martyrs in the first place and to the general nature of humanity."

The text of its appeal read:

To the people of Kurdistan in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and to their representatives in the presidency, parliament and government:

The Kurds in parts of Kurdistan were and still see, just as all the free people on the planet, that those who have certainty of Barzani’s eternal thought and approach are the role models and hope, and they are the hope for the dignity, glory and salvation of our people, and it is impossible for them to come someday with a deficiency or that affects the sanctity and purity. That thought and approach.

The occasion to say is that today, coinciding with our call to action, there are filthy and rejected bodies that defile the pure soil of Iraqi Kurdistan, represented by the so-called Nasr al-Hariri and his accompanying delegation for the so-called Syrian National Coalition for the Forces of the Revolution and the Opposition, and it is proven and known that the content of the name is not completely represented them, so patriotism is not Neither the Syrian, nor the revolution, nor the opposition have a share of it, and they are nothing but a group of hired killers whose hands are stained with the blood of thousands of Kurds and non-Kurds, and their modern criminality is very long and endless.

Hence, we, as entities and organizations, appeal to you through this appeal, and as a matter of full consideration for our consideration of the aspects, diplomatic and political principles, laws, international relations, and so forth, and therefore we may understand the aforementioned delegation's visit to the region and their meetings with representatives of the region. However, at the same time we strongly warn that showing any form or manifestation of respect, value and consideration for the victory of Hariri and his delegation by any official, entity or institution in Iraqi Kurdistan is the object of our strong condemnation, It is definitely an insult to our Kurdish people and their martyrs in the first place and to the general public, and we consider it as an encouragement for them, as a passage and a justification for their crimes that filled their stench.

Those like them, their masters and their followers, whom Afrin, Serêkaniyê, Tal-Abyed, and others witness to their atrocities, including crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide proven by international reports, they must be held accountable."

As for the organizations, they are: “Association of Threatened Peoples - Germany, Lykoline Center for Legal Studies and Research, the Kurdish Legal Authority, Ezdina Foundation, Human Rights Organization Afrin - Syria, Afrin Media Center, Lawyers Union of Afrin Region, Civil Society Institutions in al-Shahba Region, Violations Documentation Center In Northern and Eastern Syria, the Mahabad Organization for Human Rights, the German-Kurdish Forum, the Kurdish Society Association in Stuttgart, the Union of Syrian Yezidis, the Kurdish Civil Society Organization in Europe, the Working Group for Afrin, Afrin Post News, the Hevey Kurdish Association - Belgium, the Kurdish Antena Network ."



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