1st Armenian military force in SDF's ranks announced

The Armenian component announced on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, the establishment of the first military force in the name of the martyr "Nubar Ozanyan", under the banner of Syrian Democratic Forces.

In a military ceremony in conjunction with the anniversary of the Armenian massacres by the Ottoman Empire on April 24, the 1st military force of the Armenian component in northern and eastern Syria was announced on Wednesday in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces under the name "Nubar Ozanyan."

During the ceremony, held in a church in the village of Tal Koran in Tel Tamar district of al-Hasakah, the leader of the Armenian forces "Ma sis Botaniya" announced the declaration of a battalion of Armenian forces on all components of northern and eastern Syria and the Armenian component specifically. He pledged to defend the gains made by Syrian Democratic Forces thanks to the blood of martyrs.

"We are on the path of our martyrs and we will continue the resistance until all the components of the north and east of Syria are free and building a decentralized, pluralistic Syria."

In conclusion, the fighters organized a military parade with the Armenian national anthem.

Source: Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces

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