1st conference of al-Tabqa women after liberation to be held tomorrow

The Women's Administration in al-Tabqa area and its countryside is preparing to hold the first conference for women in the area after their liberation on May 10, 2017. The conference is scheduled to start tomorrow morning with participation from all parts of northern and eastern Syria.


The 1st conference of women of al-Tabqa and its countryside will be held tomorrow. Hundreds of women from the region will participate in the conference, as well as delegations from Qamishlo, Kobanî, Hasakah, Girê Spî, al-Raqqa and Deir ez-Zor.

The administrator in Women Administration Nasra Abaka pointed out that the first conference of women in the region since the liberation of the city is a big step towards organizing the women and continue their path, the path of struggle and resistance.

She stressed that during the first conference for women, "the work that has been carried out on the organization of women in institutions and society in general will be discussed, and to identify the problems and difficulties that have led to the development of the reality of women in some areas and finding appropriate solutions and alternative plans."

The Administration of Women in al-Tabqa held a wide-ranging meeting of women in the region late last year, which resulted in the decision to hold the first conference for women in al-Tabqa.



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