1st conference of PYD concluded in Qamishlo canton

The first conference of the Democratic Unionist Party(PYD) concluded in Qamishlo ended with a number of resolutions, the election of administration council and a joint head of the party in Qamishlo and Derik.


The conference began this morning at the Aram Tikran Center for Culture and Art in the town of Rumailan under the slogan "With the Will and Organization we will Liberate Afrin and Build a Decentralized Democratic Syria" with the participation of 700 delegates.

Delegates from different regions and districts of the canton, as well as delegations from the Autonomous Administration and political parties, attended the conference.

The conference began with holding a minute of silence. The conference included the speech of the Democratic Union Party, the Council of Martyrs' Families, Kongra Star Conference and the speech of Qamishlo Canton Council.

The speeches followed by a reading of the directives of the Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan, reading and discussing the annual report of the party's work in Qamishlo, in addition to the report of the Women's Bureau.

The party council was elected in which consists of 12 members of Qamishlo canton. Asma Murad and Yusuf Haji were elected as co-chairmen of the party organization in Derik region. Dalal Hussein and Abdul Rahman Khalaf were elected co-presidents of Qamishlo region.

The conference concluded its work by unveiling the resolutions adopted by the Conference:

- All our activities will remain in place until the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan is lifted.

- Communicate with all people in the canton through public gatherings, visits and seminars.

- Expanding the party's organizational base at the canton level and focusing on activating and organizing youth and women and increasing party members.

- Expanding community diplomatic relations with peoples as well as with democratic parties, movements and personalities.

- Developing the capacity of members administratively and organizationally through intensive training sessions and focus on the ideological and intellectual aspects.

- Support the Resistance of the Age in Afrin by various means to reach the liberation of Afrin from the forces of terrorism represented by the Turkish occupation.



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