1st day of International Forum on Daesh concluded

The first day of the International Forum on Daesh has been concluded with a documentary film about the history of Daesh and how it committed crimes against the people of the occupied territories. The participants also discussed the work to urge all parties to religious tolerance, and to avoid extremism and discrimination between true Islam and the Muslim parties.

The International Forum on Daesh held in Bilsan Hall in the area of ​​Amouda north-east of Syria, which started on the first day in the presence of dozens of academicians, researchers, politicians and professors of international and Arab universities, where the historical and political aspects of Daesh terrorism were addressed.

During the first session of the forum, after a series of lectures on Daesh ideology and its historical source, and the ideological and political relations that bind the radical fundamentalist groups (AKP, Al-Qaeda, Jabhit al-Nusra, and the Muslim Brotherhood), many participants discussed how to move from radical Islam to democratic tolerance among all religious communities.

The participants discussed how some parties used Islam to reach their plans in many Arab and Western countries, how to spread religious awareness, especially Islam. Other participants also referred to the victories Syrian Democratic Forces achieved, which were sufficient to reduce terrorist attacks to Western countries, and reduced those acts of terrorism that were aimed at the region with the declaration of Daesh, and that Daesh ideology has not finished, but continues, even if under different names.

The first day of the International Forum concluded by stressing the need to seek to show the true Islam, rely on secularism, move away from political Islam, the need to rely on an Islamic democratic system, to distance itself from Islamic extremism and to try to strip it at all levels, and calling to try the mercenaries who committed crimes against the people of the areas they occupied since the declaration in 2014.


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