1st phase of "Humanity and Security Campaign” ends

The Internal Security Forces announced the end of the first phase of the humanitarian and security campaign in Al-Hol camp, and confirmed the arrest of 125 mercenaries from ISIS sleeper cells, including 20 officials, noting that Al-Hol camp is an international dilemma.

The Internal Security Forces have announced in a statement to the public opinion, within a press conference, read by the official spokesman of the Internal Security Forces, Ali Al-Hassan from inside the camp, in the presence of the official spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces, Kino Gabriel, and the official spokesperson for the People's Protection Units, Nuri Mahmoud and member of the General Command of al-Jazira canton Council, Avinar Derik.

In the statement, Al-Hassan indicated that the success of their operation created a safe and more stable environment in Al-Hol camp, and said: This will not last long without international support, calling for seizing the opportunity and reaching a long-term solution.

The text of the statement reads as follows:

To our people and the public opinion:

The Internal Security Forces announce the end of the first phase of the humanitarian and security campaign in Al-Hol camp, which has been launched with the support of the Syrian Democratic Forces, the Women’s Protection Units, and the People's Protection Units, and which began on the twenty-eighth of March, after exerting great efforts and energies from all sides, to restore security and stability to the residents of Al-Hol camp after  ISIS sleeper cells’ activities in it.

This campaign, in which more than 5000 thousand of our forces participated, made it incumbent upon it to stand in front of this international problem, which exceeds our energies and capabilities, and our forces have set their sights on the humanitarian aspect and respect for the human rights during the campaign, especially towards children who are a large part of the camp’s population, and they are vulnerable to being drawn into the terrorist ideology that ISIS terrorist cells try to spread among children and civilians.

And as we have previously emphasized, based on our moral, legal, humanitarian, and security duty, we started the campaign to ensure the safety of the camp’s residents and to create humanitarian living conditions as an important necessity to establish security in the camp, which is one of the largest and most dangerous camps in the world, in which more than 60 thousands of people from 57 countries reside, where the overwhelming majority of whom are families of ISIS members, in addition to many ISIS terrorist operatives who infiltrated into Al-Hol camp as civilians, intending to work inside it and organize themselves again, and to create a suitable environment for themselves to continue their terrorism that reached all the world’s countries and where they carried out many executions, amounting to more than 47 executions have occurred inside the camp since the beginning of this year.

We stand before you today to announce the end of the first phase of the humanitarian and security campaign, which lasted for five continuous days, and in a professional manner in dealing with all aspects of the campaign by our forces and the support forces, after taking all necessary measures and procedures, 125 of ISIS sleeper cells’ members were arrested, 20 of them are responsible for the cells and the assassinations that occurred in the camp. Military supplies were also found during the search campaign, in addition to electronic circuits used in explosive devices.

We assure you now, and despite the fact that we have arrested many members of the sleeper cells in the camp, including senior responsible, the danger in Al-Hol camp is not over yet, and it continues as long as the camp remains in its current state if the international community does not consider Al-Hol camp as an international dilemma where they must find appropriate solutions for different countries to return their citizens of the camp residents to their lands.

 The success of our operation created a safer and more stable environment in Al Hol camp. This will not last long without international support. It is now time to seize this opportunity and come up with a long-term solution together.

The mentality of terrorism and atonement is still alive and continuing, especially towards children, whose innocence is being robbed, which poses a threat to the whole world in the medium and long terms.

We, in the General Command of the Internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria, commend the efforts made by our forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, the People's Protection Units, and the Women’s Protection Units, for their professional work to achieve the desired goals of the campaign.

General Command of the Internal Security Forces - North and East Syria



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