2 civilians martyred, 6 others wounded in shelling on automatic bakery in Qamishlo

Two civilians were martyred and 6 others were injured after the Turkish occupation forces bombed the automatic bakery last night in Qamishlo.

The automatic bakery, which provides bread for more than half of the civilian population, was deliberately bombarded by the Turkish occupation army. As a result, a number of civilians and bakery workers were injured and taken to Qamishlo hospitals. It is clear today that two civilians were martyred and six others injured.

Our correspondents got the name of one of the martyrs, Hassan Suleiman Al-Ali, in addition to the names of four of the wounded: Hassan Nasser Al-Aswad, Munir Khader Al-Alawi, Fadel Jadaan Al-Tattaq, Habib Mohammed Rashad Habbo.




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