2 hunger strikers transferred to Strasbourg hospital

Yuksel Koç and Denîz Surgut, the hunger strikers in the French city of Strasbourg, were transferred to the hospital after their health deteriorated.

The open-ended hunger strike continues to denounce the harsh isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan in Strasbourg on its 117th day. The joint chairman of KCDK-E Yuksel Koç and lawyer Denîz Surgut were transferred to the hospital because of their deteriorating health.

Dr. Fakhreddin Gulşen, who supervises the situation of strikers since the beginning of the campaign, explained that Yuksel Koç has pneumonia and his health deteriorated because he refused treatment and was transferred to the hospital.

Dr. Gulşen also explained that muscle and joint pain increased with Denîz Surgut, causing gastric disorders and dizziness.

The health of the co-chair of KCDK-E Yuksel Koç deteriorated on the 47th day of the strike and was taken to the hospital but refused treatment.

According to Dr. Gulşen, the health status of 12 other strikers is bad and their condition is expected to deteriorate further.


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