2+ m dunums… total area of ​​land burned

The area of ​​crops burned in Qamishlo and al-Hasakah cantons was 2,270,012 dunums, in addition to the burning of 27,808 trees.

The Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria noted that most of the fires that broke out in agricultural crops this year were fabricated and aimed at hitting food security.

The area of ​​fire has expanded dramatically, because crops, especially wheat and barley when dry, quickly flammable.

These fires were difficult to control, due to the lack of resources, and the appropriate equipment to extinguish such fires, and cooperation between the people and all institutions to extinguish these fires and control was noticeable.

It was Daesh mercenaries that announced their responsibility for fires in agricultural crops in Syria and Iraq.

According to the Economy Committee in al-Jazeera region, the area of ​​crops that fire consumed in Qamishlo and al-Hasakah cantons is million and 270 thousand and 12 dunums, in addition to burning 27,808 trees, planted in the vicinity and near the burned land.

In the canton of al-Hasakah, the area burnt amounted to 128,757 dunums as well as 24,182 trees. The area mentioned above was mostly covered in the fields of wheat, barley, beans, lentils, cumin and coriander.


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