2 martyrs , 4 injuries caused in Manbij explosion

2 civilians were martyred and 4 others wounded in the explosion of a motorcycle in the center of the "Wednesday" popular market(Al-Arbaa) in the village of Al-Farat west of the city of Manbij.

A booby-trapped car exploded targeting the popular weekly "Al-Arbaa" market in the village of Al-Farat, west of Manbij.

According to our correspondent, the Internal Security Forces and the ambulance teams rushed to the scene of the explosion, the reporter reported that two civilians lost their lives as a result of the explosion, known as the young Mohammed Abdo, 27 years old, in addition to the injury of four others, including the child  (Ali Al-Baro, 12 years-old, Mohammed, 40,) were taken to Manbij hospitals for treatment.

Sources from the Internal Security Forces said that an unidentified man left the motorcycle on the pretext that it was broken and left the market.



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