2 more sectors to accommodate about 3,000 families in al-Hol camp

Al-Hol camp administration started adding two new sectors to the camp; thus it involves eight sectors, after the number of residents in the camp reached 73 thousand people, with the continued failure of international organizations to assist the displaced.

In a-Hol camp, located east of al-Hasakah, 73,000 displaced people and refugees from various Syrian and Iraqi cities, as well as families of (foreign) Daesh mercenaries live.

The camp is divided into five sectors, while there are currently 5,000 families without tents, as space in the camp does not suffice to accommodate more tents.

As the number of displaced persons increased, the pressure on the five sectors increased, while international organizations, especially those in the camp, remained indifferent. Therefore, in order to secure the tents for all displaced persons, the camp administration managed its own resources to expand the camp and form two new sectors.

The two new sectors are provided with plumbing and toilets, waiting for tents to be erected in the coming days.

In this context, a member of the management of the camp, Mohammed Yusuf, in an interview with our agency ANHA pointed out that many of the people living in the camp are living without the tents, due to insufficient space in the camp.

Youssef pointed out that the camp's administration has initiated expanding the camp by forming two new sectors, each sector is scheduled to accommodate about 1,400 families.

Yusuf demanded all the organizations in the camp to provide humanitarian assistance to the displaced and refugees in the camp.

It is worth noting, the Democratic Autonomous Administration reopened al-Hol camp in 2016 after the influx of refugees from Iraq to escape the oppression of Daesh mercenaries.



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