2 Palestinians killed, 62 injured due to repressing Gaza marches by Israeli army

Two Palestinians were killed and 62 others were wounded by the bullets of the Israeli army on Friday evening as a result of the suppression of the Return and Breaking the Siege Marches.


The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that two Palestinians, one of them is at 29 and the other at 18 lost their lives, while 62 others got injured by the bullets of the Israeli army, among them serious cases, noting that the medical staff is working on rescuing the lives of three Palestinians whose status is serious.

Our correspondent from Gaza said that the marches witnessed a wide participation on Friday after they were stopped last week because of the military escalation that occurred after bombing Tel Aviv with two shells from the Gaza Strip.

Since March 2018, the Palestinians have been taking part in peaceful marches near the separating fence in the eastern part of the Gaza Strip, demanding the return of the refugees to their towns and villages they immigrated in 1948 and breaking the siege on Gaza.

The Israeli army represses these peaceful marches with live bullets, tear gas and sniper bullets, killing 271 Gazans; the corpses of 11 of them are still held at the hands of the Israeli army, while 31,000 others got wounded; 500 of them are in critical condition.


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